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“I don’t believe in ‘luck.’ For all that I care, a monkey could roll the dice!” I guess I repeated this mantra so often that publisher Lyle Stuart quoted it in one of his gambling books.

One day I got a call from Lyle asking me to meet him in front of my Manhattan office. He said it was important, and that he was coming over from New Jersey to give me “something.”
Mystified, I waited outside.

Lyle drove up and rolled down the window of his Mercedes, handing me a large oblong package. Smiling mischievously, he announced, “Okay, kid-here’s something you’ve always wanted,” and drove away.

I now own a wind-up mechanical monkey that gives a little chatter, does a little dance, and tosses out a small pair of dice from a cup in his right paw.

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The Gambler Strikes Back Part 2

My friends' understandably dubious reactions to my true story were somewhat answered by Abdul Jalib's article in the Summer 1998 issue of The Intelligent Gambler, where he wrote, "A further threat to the entire [gambling] industry is that the casinos commit crimes against skilled blackjack players . . . [M]ajor Vegas casinos have literally stolen chips from skilled players."

So they rob the players in Las Vegas too!
If you examine casino practices closely, you'll see a pattern of lawlessness emerge. Blacklisted Mafiosi, though the law forbade their entrance to casinos, have been caught gambling—with hefty credit lines yet!—for which the casinos have been heavily fined. One time the kids standing in line at the Las Vegas Hilton, waiting to see the Star Trek show there, were allowed to play the slot machines! The greedy casino was fined a hefty $350,000 for that one.

The casinos can, have, and will cheat players, and they continue to get away with it because the Casino Control Commission looks the other way.
Jalib in his informative article recounts other criminal activity by the Las Vegas casinos. And adds that, "Eventually 60 Minutes or some other show is going to give these crimes perpetuated by the casinos the publicity they deserve. . . ."

When they do, Buster, the shit will finally and deservedly hit the fan.
And if you still believe that the people running the casinos have either a modicum of decency or an ounce of compassion for the players, scholar Erika Gosker writes in the October 1999 in the Elder Law Journal:

…that some casinos send charter buses to nursing homes and senior centers right after beneficiaries receive their Social Security checks. The industry has even coined terms such as "the third-of-the-month club" to describe these sought-after patrons. 
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